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We're about simplicity and we believe in making recruitment easy and cost effective for our customers who are mainly Startups and SMB's.
Our recruitment consultancy Bangalore offers fixed low fee services for any vacancy from any industry in any location with any skill set. We find the best candidates for you at a low cost price. As an online recruitment company in India, we don't charge per hire but per campaign & allow multiple hire for same cost.

Pricing & Plan

We understand that every company has different recruitment needs and budgets. Our range of recruitment solutions ensures we target the best candidates to fill your roles. Depending on how much you want us involved in your recruitment process we have 5 different cost effective plans. Our online recruitment company India has crafted a customized & cost effective online service to help you attract source & recruit the best & relevant candidates at a highly cost effective price.

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Hiring is a challenging task for most companies because of the time spent in advertising on job boards, managing the recruitment process & the cost involved in using job consultants to find suitable candidates.
If you are looking to recruit by advertising yourself or through a job consultancy click below to compare us and see why we are the best recruitment agency Bangalore.

How We Work

10 Reasons Why ASTAR

  1. Fixed Fee Model
  2. 5 simple options
  3. Vacancy advertised extensively
  4. Best Customer Service
  5. Industry Expertise
  6. Dedicated campaign manager
  7. Multiple Hire
  8. Guaranteed hire
  9. Best Customer Service
  10. Industry Expertise